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Patrice will work for YOU by:

  • Expanding court hours to better serve OUR working families

  • Focus on programs that address mental health and substance abusei matters

  • Provide fair and efficient justice to OUR community

Patrice will work for OUR children by:

  • Creating programs and alternatives that addresses the root causes of truancy and assist at-risk youth(s)

  • Educating and engaging students about the criminal jus􏰁ce system

  • Implementing non-financial penal􏰁es & solu􏰁ons that address underlying issues

Patrice will work for OUR community by:

  • Fighting to combat the opioid epidemic with education, prevention , and early intervention

  • Executing a clean streets initiative to cut back on littering in our neighborhoods

  • Applying her YEARS of legal experience, education, and involvement in the community to bring clarity, dignity and integrity to our Court.

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