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Hi, I'm Patrice


Who I am

I am a Bucks County attorney with extensive experience representing clients and making legal decisions. I live in Warrington with my husband and two sons who attend our public schools -- one in middle school, and the other in high school. 

I was raised in Toronto, Canada, and attended Wilfrid Laurier University, where I graduated with an Honors Sociology Degree. I moved to the United States of America almost 15 years ago and proudly became an American citizen in 2011.  


When I was growing up, my friends and teachers called me "the village lawyer" because I was always standing up for someone or something! This, and my interest in human behavior and justice led to me to the study of law. I attained my Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. 

My legal experience

I began my professional career as a Field Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board (Board). During my years there, I had to balance the opposing perspectives of each party that appeared before me, review both the letter and the spirit of the law, and recommended and/or decided the appropriate outcome for the matter. I recently went into private practice with a focus on labor, employment, and real estate, where I advocate for fairness in the workplace by advising local unions. My real estate practice is focused on advising new investors and home buyers and sellers of the best ways to protect their interest in a transaction.


While in law school, I interned at the Ohio Justice and Policy Center’s Constitutional Rights Litigation clinic and later practiced under a limited license representing clients and negotiating cases and settlements in federal court.

I also was a judicial intern to the Ohio Southern District Court Judge Timothy Black, where I observed trials, participated in mediations and wrote the judge’s opinion after careful research.


Why I'm running 

Since moving to Bucks County with my family, I have been dedicated to serving our local community. I currently serve as a member of the Warrington Parks and Recreation Board; I am a member of the Bucks County NAACP Board; and I serve on the New Americans Advisory Commission, an advisory Board to the County Commissioners on issues that face new Americans within Bucks County. 

In many ways, I’m the same person I was as a child who was called the “village lawyer” - trying to right wrongs and speak up for those who aren’t heard.  I have and will continue to work with organizations and causes that advocate for fairness and for  the underserved and underprivileged. I am entering this race because I want to bring my commitment to equal treatment under the law, my significant legal experience, and my passion for our community to the role of Magisterial District Judge.

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